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Effective January 1, 2023 our memberships are:

If you do not wish commit to being a member you may purchase a drop-in pass for $25 per class

We require all new Swordwind students to go through our 4 class Intro course offered on Saturdays and Sundays 2-3pm before becoming members of Swordwind. The course will cover Descending Cuts, Ascending Cuts, Thrusts, Parries, Footwork, and an Introduction to Sparring. Students must complete all four classes in the course in order to move on to other classes Swordwind offers. 
We understand that life happens and can get in the way. If a student misses a class they must makeup the same class in the next cycle before moving on to other classes. I.E. - If a student is not able to attend the third class in the course they must attend class #3 the following month. 
This course can be taken more than once.

Bronze Package - $85 for 1 month. Unlimited classes.

Silver Package - $80/month for 3 months. Unlimited classes.

Gold Package - $75/month for 6 months. Unlimited classes. 


Platinum Package - $70/month for 12 months. Unlimited classes.

For any changes to membership including changing your membership level, canelling your membership, etc. please contact

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