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From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, there is a rich tradition of European martial arts. Masters and students from this period documented the fighting systems of their day.  Historical European Martial Arts, or HEMA, is the reconstruction of these traditional European martial arts from these same documents.  We do not have to guess how medieval people fought.  We can learn from their own words!


For those interested in two-handed swords, Swordwind teaches longsword fencing in the German tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer.  Longsword fencing challenges students to balance precision with fight power.

Longsword students may also study:

  • dagger

  • spear fencing

  • armored combat


Matching longsword in versatility and fight power, sideswords are one-handed weapons which bring a unique elegance and precision to the study of historical European martial arts. Swordwind offers classes in the Italian Bolognese tradition. 


Sidesword students learn to wield the sidesword along with companion weapons such as:


  • cloak

  • dagger

  • second sword

  • shields

  • bucklers

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