Eric Lowe

Eric Lowe began studying medieval German longsword in 2013 under world-renowned instructor Tristan Zukowski of the New York Historical Fencing Association (NYHFA). 

Quickly becoming competitive across the southeast, his dedication to the art drove him to found Swordwind in 2014.  In the years since the club has grown dramatically, attracting a variety of students who share an enthusiasm for swords, history, and competitive martial arts. 


Eric has over ten years of experience in vintage European dance.  He carries this background into fencing with a passion for teaching functional movement in terms of sparring and cutting body mechanics. 

Ryan Neale

Ryan Neale began his HEMA studies in January 2016, fulfilling a lifelong dream of studying the arts of knightly combat and Renaissance duelists.Before HEMA, Ryan studied full contact karate for over 20 years and several other arts including boxing, Southern kung fu, and capoeira.His interests in HEMA primarily include armored and polearm combat in the Liechtenauer/Kunst des Fechtens tradition, Bolognese fencing, Iberian swordplay including primarily the “vulgar destreza” tradition, and the smallsword.His HEMA achievements include a silver medal in Open Longsword at the 2016 Southeast Renaissance Fencing Open and a bronze medal in Franco-Belgian Rapier at the 2017 Southeast Renaissance Fencing Open. He attended the Rapier and Saber Pedagogy Retreat and studies and applies classical fencing pedagogical techniques to improve student learning and development using a proven system. He will also talk your ear off about the historical texts if you let him.

Pike Pullen

Pike began his HEMA journey in 2014 under the tutelage of Eric Lowe. He has a background in folkstyle wrestling and Chinese Martial Arts.  He currently trains in BJJ.

His area of expertise is in; Bolognese Two-handed-sword, Bolognese Sidesword, and Bolognese Sword-and-buckler. He teaches our Wednesday night Bolognese Longsword class. 

  1. Gold - Longsword Cutting - Queen's Gambit 2018

  2. Bronze - Sidesword - Lord Baltimore's Challenge 2018

  3. Bronze - Sword and Buckler -SERFO 2018

  4. Bronze - Sword and Buckler - Lord Baltimore's Challenge 2019

Owen Sykes

Owen Sykes is instructor of German Longsword Fundamentals and our Spring Tournament Preparation Course. Owen is a life long lover of fencing, martial arts, and history. Historical European Martial Arts quickly became a passion that inspired research and practice. His main interests in HEMA are early KDF and the works of Christiaan Siebenhaar.

Jessica Blair

Jessica Blair began her HEMA studies at Swordwind in November 2016 looking for an exciting workout and following her love of swords, fantasy, and friendship. With her new workout regimen she experienced dramatic weight loss and is passionate about sharing her experiences and knowledge with others. Focusing on German longsword and body mechanics she runs our Beginner Workshops and assists with classes on Sundays. 

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